FSU football: Dead weight being trimmed from the roster?

FSU football has had a lot of dead weight on its roster the last few years. It appears that dead weight is being trimmed for the better.

FSU football has signed a number of highly ranked players are the last few years who never became contributors or impact players for the Noles.

The funny thing is I just took at look at the 2016 recruiting class which finished ranked No. 3 in the nation.

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However, to my estimation there was only ONE impact player (Brian Burns) in that class of 23 players that consisted of 70 percent blue chip players.

I mean the rankings can’t be off that much as all of the other major programs wanted most of these players too right?

We did the research last year and found 53 percent of the blue chip players taken from 2015-17 had not become contributors or had already left the program.

The majority of them though were still on the roster taking up space and scholarships. However, from the looks of things that could be changing as a number of players have decided to leave the program.

Was that information communicated when Mike Norvell met with each player individually? Maybe they felt they didn’t fit into his vision for FSU football moving forward and decided to go somewhere familiar? Either way, it’s something that has to be done if a coach wants to maximize his scholarships.

Here’s a list of the players that have entered the transfer portal, medically disqualified or entering the NFL since Mike Norvell became head coach.


Of course no one would look at Cam Akers as dead weight. He would be a player Mike Norvell would love to keep as he’ll likely get drafted fairly high in a couple of months. Stanford Samuels III will likely be drafted too but not as high.

Tre McKitty was a solid player but never lived up what most thought he could be in the three years he was on campus. According to him he’ll graduate so thanks for helping the team APR!

Cedric Wood was a good guy by all accounts and just couldn’t stay healthy although he did manage to see the field some in 2019. If you can’t contribute because of injuries you’re not helping the program unfortunately.

Kyle Meyers probably looked at the depth chart and decided to leave as he only saw the field in four games in 2019.

Tre’Shawn Harrison apparently wants to follow Willie Taggart to FAU since he recruited him across country to play at FSU. Jauan Williams has been a huge disappointment and simply isn’t a FSU caliber offensive lineman.

Nevertheless, these are 7 scholarships that will become available and they’ll likely be a few more since spring classes started this week. It’ll be an opportunity for Mike Norvell to recruit HIS players to fill those spots and mold this FSU football roster just how he wants it.

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