Jameis Winston Shows Selflessness at FSU Pro Day


Jameis Winston, predictably, was the center of today’s FSU Pro Day that was featured on both ESPNU and the NFL Network. He showed out nicely with his throws, but displayed even more about how much he values and enjoys elevating those closest to him.

Shortly into the 102 passes he threw (he was only scheduled to throw 70), Winston took a moment to redirect the spotlight from himself and onto his teammates, making it a point of turning to media and scouts and introducing the receivers, running backs, and tight ends that were catching passes from him. Two of those players weren’t even Seminoles (WR Curtic Evans of FAMU and WR James Thurston of Southern Arkansas).

It was a nice gesture from Winston, and one that wasn’t lost on Rashad Greene, who appreciated the move (even though the all-time ACC receiving yardage leader obviously needs no introduction). Said Greene of the introductions:

"It just shows his leadership, you know, the person that he is, to take that time out in the beginning to introduce guys that, you know, guys they may not know. Just to be able to put a name to a face, so once you see those guys perform, you know, you can maybe can take a name, and just give him a good look. So that was very mature of him. A good teammate– it says a lot."

Winston addressed the media after Greene, and it was apparent from the onset that his thoughts, on a day so many made about him, were nonetheless with others. When the first question asked of him regarded how he felt out there, Winston, who had donned a Kidz1stFund t-shirt, answered as follows: “Hey. We need y’all to donate to Kidz1st, for Coach Fisher’s son, Ethan. Please. You can get a wristband too– it’s cool, I play in it every game.”

So, given his first chance to promulgate himself, what did Winston do? He thought of others. As he had with introducing his supporting cast, Winston shined a light on someone beside himself: specifically, children battling illness. Winston didn’t speak of himself until another question was posed, this one dealing with the high-volume of throws he made. After discussing his undeniable competitive streak, Winston rounded out his response interestingly: “I had a lot of receivers, so I wanted to throw.”

These 11 words speak volumes of Winston’s approach. After preparing — rehearsing, Greene called it earlier — to throw 70 passes, Winston went well above that. And why? He had targets he wanted to make look good. To give the opportunity to shine right alongside him.

Winston was then asked about the likely possibility of becoming FSU’s first-ever top overall draft pick. And again, Winston indicated that this was about more than just No. 5: “Coming into this thing, I just wanted to compete with my teammates. You know, this is the last time I probably get to be with some of them.” Winston continued: “Being with my brothers was so critical. Being able to come back with them? I loved it. I loved every second of it.”

That love included concern, as Winston showed when asked about a play in which WR Christian Green collided with a barricade going for a ball Winston threw: “I was worried, then I was like, dang, my fault. Pops had a great day. Had a great day.” In case you’d forgotten, Winston delivered the pass that accounted for the lone touchdown catch of Green’s FSU career last season against NC State on the day that the latter learned of the passing of his grandfather.

Even when asked about how loose he was, Winston again made the day about others: “This was a big stage, a huge stage, just to show everyone how good we are here at Florida State. To come out here and support Kidz1st, you know, do it for little Ethan, you know, just like we do it at football games.”

Not how good I am; how good we are.

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And then, Winston went even broader with his spotlight:

"Y’all don’t understand. There’s so many brothers, where I’m from, and all these inner-cities, that are great players but never got to see this day. Whether it’s trouble, or, whether, you know, they don’t have the opportunity. I’m doing it for all them, you know? That’s what all of us are here for, you know what I’m saying? So, I’m representing, I’m telling you."

Winston concluded with brevity: “Being with team is just an at-home feeling. . . .This is my fraternity, that’s what I mean. These are my brothers.”

Tallahassee, of course, won’t be that home for long. Winston will soon leave for, presumably, Tampa Bay and the Bucs. But don’t expect his loyalty to those who helped get him there — or that wristband — to go anywhere.