FSU football: Fans react to Marvin Wilson returning in 2020

FSU football got some tremendous news Monday morning with standout defensive tackle Marvin Wilson announcing he’s returning to FSU in 2020.

FSU football has a lot of questions going into its Sun Bowl game against Arizona State Tuesday.

None of them seemed to concern standout defensive tackle Marvin Wilson who’s been sidelined with an injury since before the Boston College game.

He’s been at the practices but most folk assumed he’s be declaring for the NFL Draft as he’s likely a high draft pick at the position.

That speculation was put to rest Monday morning when he announced he’s returning to FSU in 2020 just minutes after standout wide receiver Tamorrion Terry gave the same announcement.

Fan Reaction


I’m absolutely blown away right now. I’ve written so many pieces with the language “Marvin Wilson is expected to head to the NFL” that my mind is blown!

This changes things greatly for the FSU football defense in 2020 along with Cory Durden coming back. The defensive line was a HUGE concern just a week ago and now that’s changed.

Most folk thought the FSU defensive line would be a strength going into the 2019 season. However, trying to implement a defense that wasn’t familiar to the defensive coordinator along with poor coaching was what we had the displeasure of watching this season.

However, FSU will be moving back to its 4-3 defense they ran for all those years with a defensive coordinator that likes to play an aggressive style.

I can’t wait to see what this defensive line can do with proper coaching as they could be nasty in 2020.

They easily could have chosen to do otherwise. Kudos to both Marvin Wilson and Tamorrion Terry for looking to help FSU football get back to where it rightfully belongs.