FSU softball: 3 major takeaways from Dugout Club Classic

2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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FSU softball improved to 11-3 and finished the Dugout Club Classic undefeated (6-0) over the past three days. It wasn't the toughest of competition, considering who FSU has already played and who they'll play next week in Oregon at the Jane Sanders Classic. I mentioned some things FSU needed to improve upon after the Shriners Children's Clearwater Invitational. It was in line with what Coach Lonni Alameda mentioned the team planned to work on at practice in preparation for the Dugout Club Classic.

Alameda knows she has a young team at some key spots and is one of the best in the business at molding a team over the course of a season. She always takes the long-game approach, knowing it's a team progression to play its best ball towards the end of the season. FSU fans have become accustomed to blazing through the regular-season and ACC over the past few years. Plus, it seems like there's more parity in softball, with several top teams losing to smaller schools. I think we saw some progression from FSU over the past six games. Here are three major takeaways from the Dugout Club Classic Tournament.