FSU has paid off Willie Taggart's buyout from 2019 dismissal

Make it Rain!!

Miami v Florida State
Miami v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

FSU has sent its final payment to former head coach Willie Taggart to pay off a 17 million dollar buy-out after firing him during the 2019 FSU football season. Taggart received his walking papers one day after losing to rival Miami 27-10. Taggart had gone 5-7 in his first season at FSU, ending FSU's record bowl game streak, and was 4-5 at the time of his firing. At the time, FSU owed Taggart 85 percent of his remaining contract. FSU paid Taggart $3.498 million in 2020 and was on the hook for 4.25 million annually through January 31, 2024. However, that amount decreased to 3.25 million when Taggart was hired as the head coach at FAU about a month after getting fired at FSU. FAU fired Taggart after the 2022 season. He was 15-18 in three seasons with the Owls and now is the running backs coach for the Baltimore Ravens.

How Does This Affect FSU

Of course, FSU is suing the ACC for the opportunity to leave for greener pastures. I think of this situation as similar to paying off a loan of any sort. The smart thing to do is keep putting aside the money you were paying towards the loan for other expenses or investments. I'm not exactly sure what pot of money this amount came from, but it's over three million annually freed up now. Could FSU use that amount to help recruiting or the hiring of additional support staff? Those components were major points in helping keep Mike Norvell at FSU instead of taking the Alabama job when Nick Saban retired last month. FSU knew this buyout would be paid off in a few weeks and could potentially allocate these funds wherever needed. Mike Norvell has done a great job getting FSU back to where it belongs, and it's great to know this buyout is complete and that chapter is complete.

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