FSU football: Would SEC brand offset difference in revenue from B1G?

Virginia Tech v Florida State
Virginia Tech v Florida State / Michael Chang/GettyImages

The rumors continue to swirl regarding FSU football leaving the ACC sooner than later. I covered the pros and cons of FSU going to the SEC instead of the B1G. My colleague Norvell Central covered the pros and cons of FSU heading to the B1G instead of the SEC. FSU moving to either conference secures its future among the top programs competing to win National Championships. The big draw for the B1G is revenue generated annually, because it's the most among all the conferences. The SEC is second revenue-wise but offers more matchups with bigger named schools. FSU football recruiting would also likely benefit more from the SEC brand than if they joined the B1G. High-profile recruits rarely talk about their desire to play in the B1G. However, it's a thing among many of the top recruits in the southeast, the area responsible for the largest percentage of top recruits nationally.

The reduction in travel costs, larger consistent home game attendance, and the recruiting effect of the SEC brand for a school that recruits at a high level like FSU? Does that offset the revenue gap the B1G enjoys over the SEC currently? There was a nine-million-dollar gap between the money distributed among schools in each conference. The B1G shared 60.5 million to schools with a full share, and the SEC shared 51 million to each school. The ACC shared between 43.3 million and 46.9 million to each school. Nine million dollars is nine million, but there's no guarantee the B1G will hold on to its current revenue lead. The SEC is king in perception among the media, players, and even casual football fans. I know it would be like getting in bed with the devil, based on how FSU has been treated of late with the College Football Playoff snub. FSU will be fine wherever they end up, but the more I think about it, the SEC might be the best move overall.

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