FSU football: Why Johnny Wilson shouldn't be a tight-end in NFL

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

FSU football wide receiver Johnny Wilson turned heads with his performance at the NFL Combine last week. The 6'6" 230+ wide receiver turned in an impressive 4.53 forty and 1.55 10-yard split, which implies he's not anywhere near as slow as some who project him to have to move to tight-end. Some analysts cite his contested catch rate or put him in the same category as other guys with similar physical attributes. I know he doesn't have to make the move based on his film. I breakdown some of his film in the video below:

As you can see, it boils down to QB play and the type of offense Wilson gets put into. He's too big to press off the line of scrimmage, but also fast enough that he can create some separation when guys play off-coverage. He's not going to take a post route to the house, but he can get you a massive 40-yard chunk in one shot. There's a reason he averaged 18 yards per catch over the past two seasons at FSU. Also, with his wingspan, although a defender may be in the area, it's not exactly like he's covered when their hands are nowhere near his hands when a pass is on the way. Wilson's shuttle time was 4.11 compared to Mike Evans at 4.26 and Darren Waller at 4.25. That time tells me he gets in and out of his breaks quicker with a longer wingspan too. He's also adept at back-shoulder throws, which he executes at a high level when he has a QB that can make that throw. It's virtually unstoppable, not to mention how big of a threat he could be in the red zone. I know they say you can't teach speed, but you can't teach 6'6" and the longest wingspan ever with respectable speed, either. If Kelvin Benjamin could be successful in the league with an inaccurate quarterback like Cam Newton? I see no reason why Johnny Wilson can't do the same or even better for a longer time frame because he has a much better work ethic.

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