FSU football: Thoughts on linebacker recruiting for 2024 season

Patience my good peoples!
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FSU football coaches have been hot like fish grease on the recruiting trail in the transfer portal. They have met the bare necessities at every position except linebacker, and FSU fans are losing their minds because of it. FSU received great news earlier this week when veteran linebacker DJ Lundy withdrew his name from the portal to return to the Noles. Before the Lundy news, FSU would have gone into the 2024 season with Omar Graham and Blake Nichelson as its most experienced linebackers, as Kalen DeLoach and Tatum Bethune declare for the NFL.

Why would that have been a problem? Nichelson was a freshman this past year who didn't get a ton of meaningful snaps Omar Graham Jr. was a redshirt freshman. Freshman Justin Cryer showed some promise, but there's not a ton of production or experience, which is why fans knew the coaches needed to tap into the portal to fill those needs. FSU coaches brought in a few linebackers to visit after the season, but the coaches passed, or the player had some academic work to do. Here are three thoughts on linebacker recruiting.