FSU football: Nick Saban's retirement opens door for recruiting to take advantage

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FSU football endured a lot of body blows over the past month, but Mike Norvell turning away Alabama's pursuit after Nick Saban announced his retirement seems like a turning point for the program. Ironically, Norvell signed an 8-year extension on the 48th anniversary of FSU hiring the legendary Bobby Bowden(who also turned down Alabama). It feels different now, maybe because it's a big deal after another school poached a coach from you a few years ago when Jimbo Fisher bolted for Texas A&M. He has since gotten fired, and FSU won the ACC this past season for the first time since Fisher last won it.

A lot of things seem to be coming full circle, and the retirement of Nick Saban has changed the landscape of college football. FSU has one of the best young coaches signed to a long-term deal, who turned down Alabama. Alabama, in turn, hired Washington's Kalen Deboer. He's a really good coach, but he's no Nick Saban, and it will take him a while to get established in Tuscaloosa with no ties to the southeast area. This aspect will benefit FSU the most, recruiting, the life blood of a program.