FSU football: Explaining where Noles are with transfer portal recruiting

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FSU football fans have been antsy regarding transfer portal recruiting lately. However, their angst is similar to how recruiting went last summer when other teams got commitments from players, and FSU wasn't. Essentially, FSU fans are worrying for nothing as they were then, and I will explain why. We expected some FSU players on the roster to enter the transfer portal. That hasn't happened as of Friday, and I suppose that could still happen if they waited until the last minute to submit paperwork and compliance didn't process immediately. The first thing to understand FSU didn't need much help from the transfer portal in the spring window.

We were consistent with the three positions we mentioned they could take some help. The fact the coaching staff hasn't gone crazy trying to host a ton of guys on official visits supports two things. They would need more guys to enter the portal to create room to take other players. There haven't been options in the portal better than what they already have on the roster. The one exception is at defensive tackle. The coaching staff is looking for a specific fit there. They want a depth piece, but won't overpay for one, nor would they want to upset the clubhouse by overpaying for one. The fact you see teams like Miami adding all these guys after spring camp means they have a ton of holes on their roster. Here's more context on where FSU is with transfer portal recruiting.