ACC officially welcomed three new schools on July 1, FSU football fans don't care

Get us out of this conference!
Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Most college sports fans know that FSU wants to and plans to leave the ACC as soon as possible and why they are suing the conference. Clemson has since filed their lawsuit, and the ACC's two biggest football brands plan to leave. It's also why the ACC made the anticipatory move and added three schools earlier this year. California, SMU, and Stanford became official members of the ACC on July 1st. The conference did a dog and pony show on social media to welcome the new teams. However, FSU football fans were not interested in entertaining these schools, some have been quite vocal on social media. Check out the responses from FSU fans:

Fan Reaction

I understand why the ACC made the move. It's about trying to survive as an entity to avoid becoming the next Pac-12. However, the ACC asking these teams to do all of this stuff on social media like it's some game-changer is laughable. These three schools add absolutely nothing to the conference. SMU is the only school with any sort of prayer to become competitive because they have some resources and care about football, unlike the other two. The way these schools, especially SMU, make it seem like they've made the big-time by leaving their former conference is hilarious. I think most FSU fans hit the nail on the head by stating the ACC is about to become the AAC when FSU and Clemson depart. It's just a matter of time.

The ACC actually pushed post on this social media blurb. They'll accomplish greatness while falling millions and millions of dollars behind the B1G and SEC in revenue over the next 5-10 years. Nobody respects the ACC with FSU and Clemson in it, what do they think will happen once they are gone? What a joke.

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