FSU football: Mycah Pittman injury could keep him out into the season

FSU head coach Mke Norvell mentioned Mycah Pittman would miss all of spring practice on Monday.

We now know why, as Pittman released a video on his popular Youtube channel detailing the injury that will keep him out of action for 4-6 months.

Mycah Pittman stated he suffered the injury in fall camp and played through the injury the entire 2022 season.

That’s incredible when you think about it, how physical he was with run-blocking while catching 30+ receptions for 330 yards and three touchdowns.

Pittman said some contradicting things in the video blog with the timeline. He said he’d try to make it back for the LSU game, but in another instance wasn’t sure if he’d make it back during the season.

If we go with the longer end of six months, that’s September, so it’s interesting he’s saying he might not make it back during the season that won’t end until late November(regular-season). However, he recorded that part BEFORE the surgery(the vlog shows him going to the surgery and some footage afterward).

Pittman stated the doctor discovered his labrum had completely torn from the bone. Athletes in great condition usually can recover quicker than normal, but a torn labrum can take up to nine months to reach 100 percent.

That’s a tough break for Mycah Pittman. I thought he’d be back before the season started, so that means others like Winston Wright, Vandrevius Jacobs, and Ja’Khi Douglas will need to step up to replace what Pittman brought to the table.

I’m not sure they can block like him, but they likely offer more speed and options in the passing game. I wish Pittman a speedy recovery and appreciate him playing through that injury last season because he was a big part of the team’s success.