FSU football: Thoughts on contract extensions for coaches

FSU special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis.Img 4318
FSU special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis.Img 4318 /

Many FSU football fans wondered how Mike Norvell would manage his coaching staff after the 2022 season.

We have our answers since Noles247 asked and received a FOIA request. Defensive backs coach Marcus Woodson will be the only departure from the 2022 coaching staff, accepting the co-defensive coordinator job at Arkansas a while back, which prompted the hire of Patrick Surtain.

Of course, Mike Norvell signed a contract extension through 2029 a few weeks ago, and it looks like this staff will be together for the foreseeable future, barring someone taking a job elsewhere.

Here’s a look at the updated contract extensions:

  • Alex Atkins-Extended through February 2026, 1.15 million in 2023, 1.25 million in 2024, and 1.3 million in 2026. He made $850K in 2022.
  • Adam Fuller-Extended through February 2025, 1.2 million in 2023 and 1.3 million in 2025. He made $900K in 2022.
  • Tony Tokarz-Extended through February 2025, 400K in 2023 and 450K in 2024. He made 300K in 2022.
  • David Johnson-Extended through 2025, 500K in 2023 and 550K in 2024. He made $500K in 2022.
  • Odell Haggins-Extended though 2024, 600K in 2023, which is what he made in 2022.
  • John Papuchis-Extended through 2025, 700K in 2023 and 750K in 2024. He made 600K in 2022.
  • Randy Shannon-Extended through 2024, 625K in 2023, which is 25K more than he would have made before the amendment to the contract.
  • Chris Thomsen-Extended through 2024, His pay will remains $500K.
  • Ron Dugans-Extended through 2025, 500K in 2023 and 550K in 2024. He made $450K in 2022.

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Both coordinators making over one million dollars shows FSU isn’t broke like some folks love to claim. After all, Mike Norvell is the highest-paid football coach in Florida.

It looks like the nucleus of the staff will be intact for the next couple of years, with the older guys taking it year-by-year. Odell Haggins is 56, Randy Shannon is 57, and Chris Thomsen will be 55 later this year. All of the other coaches are below 50 years old.

I know some folks will hate Adam Fuller is getting paid that much, but the defense has improved immensely since he arrived, and he’s been key in some key additions from the transfer portal.

Another one folks may frown at is Randy Shannon, but it’s only through this year. He’s the co-defensive coordinator, so that’s likely why he has the salary he has coupled with his years of experience. Tony Tokarz looks to be a rising star, so it’s good to see him get rewarded for the work he did last year.

What a career resurgence for Ron Dugans, huh? Kudos to Coach Dugans for rebounding from the brink of likely being let go after the 2021 season.

John Papuchis is making bank after recruiting well and getting major production from his defensive ends. Special teams have improved as well under his watch.

Overall, staff continuity should prove a key ingredient in the success of the team in 2023.

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