Noles waste Parker Messick gem in walk-off loss against Boston College

FSU baseball continues to lose games against teams they have no business losing against. The Noles wasted a pitching gem from Parker Messick against BC in a 3-2 loss.

Boston College came into Friday’s game (18-28, 4-20 ACC) and ranked outside the top 100 in RPI.

However, the Noles found a way to lose another game they shouldn’t have lost. It’s the second consecutive loss against a team outside the RPI top 100.

They jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning and proceeded to have 24 straight batters retired before Brett Rogers got on base with a single in the top of the ninth.

The offense mustered only five hits and zero walks against a pitcher, who had a 4.50 ERA coming into the game.

Parker Messick went eight innings and allowed five hits, zero walks, 12 strikeouts, two earned runs, and one hit batter. FSU has a costly baserunning error when Jaime Ferrer got picked off third base to end the first inning, which appeared to be a lack of focus.

Conner Whittaker hit the first batter he faced in the bottom of the ninth. Jonah Scolaro relieved him and allowed a single and a walk to load the bases. Davis Hare relieved him and struck out the first batter he faced on three pitches. He had the second batter 1-2 and walked him with three consecutive balls to walk in the winning run for Boston College.

I don’t understand why Mike Martin Jr. didn’t bring in Wyatt Crowell instead of Scolaro. Crowell has been lights out, and batters have a lesser chance of putting balls in play against him than Scolaro.


I have tried to give Mike Martin Jr. the benefit of the doubt. However, this team had zero energy for the second consecutive game that absolutely needed to win.

That attitude reflects leadership. They continue to make baserunning blunders and defensive errors and can’t hit to save their lives. It’s year three and all, but it’s not like Mike Martin Jr. wasn’t at FSU baseball for a gazillion years before assuming the head coaching job.

This team has too many holes for a guy in Mike Martin’s position.

I question where this team would be without a pitcher like Parker Messick, and he won’t be here next year.  It’s not like the offense is going to get drastically better in 2023 either. I can’t understand why this team acts as though they don’t care if they win these games with hosting a regional on the line? Parker Messick seemed like he was the only guy that cared about winning that game. Again, that goes on the head coach, and he’s not getting it done with this program.