Mike Norvell: ‘There is no sales pitch to come play at Florida State’

FSU football head coach Mike Norvell spent some time with former FSU defensive back Bryant McFadden on the All Things Covered Podcast.

I’ll post the interview below but wanted to touch on a couple of items Norvell mentioned on the show.

I wrote about how the recruiting success of FSU football put pressure on Manny Diaz and the Miami Hurricanes.

It’s why Diaz felt the need to issue a statement on the state of Miami recruiting a few weeks ago.

Norvell being the classy guy that he is didn’t address the comments directly, but it’s clear he believes in the work the staff has put in since they arrived in December 2019.

The entire interview is below, and I highly recommend subscribing to McFadden’s podcast. As a former FSU player, he does quality work and always represents the Noles.

The other thing Norvell mentioned was the prestige of playing and coaching FSU football.

“There is no sales pitch to come play at Florida State. You don’t need one.”

I’ve continued to beat the drum of FSU football despite the product on the field the last four seasons.

FSU is the only program in the last 20 years to be on top of the world, become mediocre, and return to the top of the world. Miami hasn’t been relevant in that time. Florida hasn’t been able to rebound since Urban Meyer left after the 2010 season.

Mike Norvell speaks with confidence. His presence reminds me of someone that’s put a lot of work into studying for a big test and knows he’ll do well on it.

For FSU, that means making a bowl game in 2021, finding six or more wins on the schedule to show signs of turning this program around.

“We’re going to get this program back to where it deserves to be, and when we get there, we’re going to stay there.”

I was ready to run through a brick wall when I heard that part of the interview. Where are my helmet and pads?