FSU football: Sports Nutrition staff has to be given some credit for gains

The summer season is when FSU football players can make most of their gains towards reshaping their bodies and getting stronger.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen videos of players in the weight room putting in work and looking to get stronger.

It’s been a different world for some freshmen participating in a structured strength and conditioning program daily for the first time.

Those facets not only involve learning different techniques in the weight room but also the importance of nutrition. Some freshman players have seen some noticeable gains on the scale, and players and fans are quick to give credit to the work in the weight room.

Coach Storms and his staff do an outstanding job, but a lot of the credit for the gains seen in these freshmen and newcomers have to go to the sports nutrition staff.

A lot of the players have customized nutrition plans to help reshape their bodies.

We’re seeing players gain anywhere from +10 to +26 pounds since arriving on campus nearly two months ago. The fact is little of that weight is actual new muscle. That’s not to say players haven’t added muscle in that time, and they have because large increases in strength can happen in this time frame.

However, these gains are likely the result of increased water weight and their bodies consuming more nutritious food more often than when they were in high school doing whatever.

Some of these players are eating upwards of 8K-10K calories per day. The caloric amount is so high because of amount of calories burned during workouts, and having more muscle burns more calories when someone isn’t active.

Anyone who wants to gain weight must take in more calories than their body burns, and the reverse for those who want to lose weight.

What these players eat affects energy levels, mental health, and ultimately the ability to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

The nutrition aspect is something most fans forget about, but a lot of money is invested in this aspect. If you are not a Seminole Booster, you can sign up here for as little as $70.

The nutrition area is one I would surmise needs even more support than it receives if the football program wants to compete with the elite programs. Just like you wouldn’t put 87 octane into a Lambo, players don’t need to put junk in their bodies for optimal performance.

Credit to Director of Sports Nutrition Marisa Faibish and the staff for all of their hard work to supplement what Coach Storms and his team are doing in the weight room.