FSU football: Impact of hiring Josh Storms for strength and conditioning

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(Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)

FSU football head coach Mike Norvell has nearly completed his coaching staff in less than a month. Josh Storms could be one of his most important hires.

FSU football hasn’t dominated teams since the 2013 season when they won their national championship.

A lot of that has to do with the absurd amount of talent that was on that team and the couple of years afterwards.

However, as that talent began to leave the program we begin to see FSU football look more and more like other teams in the ACC.

The physicality was no longer as the offensive line began to get overwhelmed in the trenches. The defensive line hasn’t been near as dominant in recent years.

FSU’s defensive backs have a difficult time of fighting off blocks on screen plays, and FSU wide receivers can never seem to seal off their own blocks on screen plays.

How many times have we seen FSU wide receivers lose one-on-one battles or linebackers unable to shed blocks?

The downfall all begin with the lack of accountability with Jimbo Fisher’s strength and conditioning coach Vic Viloria after the 2013 season.

Viloria is a legit strength and conditioning coach who had a large part in the early success in Jimbo Fisher’s tenure.

However, he was unable to sustain that culture and ultimately lost credibility with off the field issues. The trend of poor strength and conditioning practices continued with Willie Taggart brought his S&C coach with him from Oregon.

Irele Oderinde is a guy that’s put together and looks like a power lifter, but he did not hold any legitimate certifications in regards to actual strength and conditioning.

Thus, the Noles continued to struggle or even looked worse in the trenches while struggling to match physicality with even mediocre teams in the ACC although they had the more talented roster.

Those days are coming to an end as Mike Norvell announced the hiring of Josh Storms Saturday evening.

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