FSU football: ACC should stick with no divisions after 2020 season

FSU football carried the ACC Conference for years and didn’t receive much respect for their troubles. Here’s why the conference should stay away from divisions.

FSU football got the raw end of the deal when the ACC announced they were going to a 10-game schedule and removing divisions in 2020.

The Noles have a more difficult schedule compared to other teams in the conference. However, the 2020 schedule shouldn’t be the final time the conference does away with divisions.

It’s something fans have talked about for years, and they should get rid of them forever. The two ACC teams with the best conference record playing at the end of the year make way too much sense.

The two divisions did not always yield the two best teams in the conference playing for the conference championship. There have been at least four times this has happened in recent years.

It would make the conference look better as a whole, and we’d get to see a variety of games compared to having to stick to the same tired divisions.

FSU football hasn’t played Pittsburgh since the 2013 season. They haven’t faced Georgia Tech since 2015. They hadn’t played Virginia since 2014 prior to their meeting last season.

They are going to get to play all of these teams at home this season with the new revamped schedule. Any conference game would be better than hosting Samford, and knowing you don’t have to host Wake Forest or Boston College every other year is a positive.

It seemed as though the Coastal Division was never going to carry their weight with teams like Miami and Virginia Tech being mediocre for the better part of the last decade or more.

At the very least, no divisions give the conference some fresh matchups while guaranteeing the two best teams will meet in the championship game. Is it possible two teams could play twice(rematching in the championship game)?

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Yes, but that’s still better than six of the last nine ACC championship games being blowout losses.

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