FSU football: How tough is FSU’s new 2020 schedule?

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FSU football learned what their new 2020 schedule will look like as conferences look to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. How tough is FSU’s new schedule?

The new FSU football schedule released by the ACC Wednesday is tougher than FSU’s original schedule. Let’s go ahead and get that out there right now.

Will the Noles go winless? No, there are a few games I’d call straight-up wins considering no injuries, etc.

There’s a couple of games I’d call straight up losses, and that was the same for the original schedule.

It comes down to how you think the Noles will do in the remaining games, that on paper, are likely toss-up games?

There’s a ton of factors we have to consider as well. One of them, the order in which these games will be played. We don’t know that yet, but how the order of these games could give or take a win away in itself.

Another factor is the amount of time the Noles have missed practice wise. They only had three spring practices, that’s tough with a new coaching staff trying to install new things on offense and defense.

While it’s true the other teams on the schedule dealt with the same issues of missing practices, only Georgia Tech will be breaking in a brand new staff.

It’s hard to give a winning percentage on each game without knowing the order of the games. I’m going to lump these teams into three categories. They’ll be wins, losses, and toss-ups.

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