Reaction to President Thrasher comments about renaming the stadium


FSU football fans seem torn on President Thrasher and interest in renaming Doak Campbell Stadium. I discuss the fan reaction to his tweet.

FSU football has been intertwined with the movement for social equality since the beginning of the latest wave after the death of George Floyd.

Head coach Mike Norvell was proactive in his approach to being open to talking about issues with his players.

He had a miscommunication with his team that was addressed and ultimately brought the team closer together as they continue to go through voluntary workouts. The team created a Unity Walk last week that was joined by the Tallahassee community, and players have been vocal on their social media platforms, fighting for justice.

However, the latest wave sweeping the nation is the removal of anything that seems to honor or suggest racism is OK. We’ve seen monuments removed, flags banned by NASCAR, the SEC Conference giving Mississippi an ultimatum on their state flag.

FSU was put back in the mix when former FSU linebacker Kendrick Scott launched a petition to change the name of Doak Campbell Stadium. The petition has over 2,100 signatures that caught the eye of FSU’s President Thrasher. He released a statement via his Twitter account Monday afternoon:

The reaction was strong on both sides. A lot of fans do not want the name of the stadium changed while others support the move as it’s documented the former FSU President did not want blacks enrolling at FSU.

Fan Reaction


First of all, as a Native American, I wouldn’t lose my mind if they didn’t change the name from Doak Campbell Stadium. Doak Campbell got to witness the university integrate shortly after he retired and he lived another decade after that.

However, I understand why the name change has come about and I can’t think of better timing to further strengthen the university’s bond with the Seminole Tribe. I suggested it be renamed Chief Osceola Stadium at Bobby Bowden Field.

After all, Chief Osceola was the leader of the tribe that represents being “Unconquered” on the statue outside of the stadium. Yes, changing the name doesn’t change history. If a woman gets divorced and remarried, she can’t change history.

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However, most women do not choose to keep the name of the first husband, right? I wonder why that is? Well, it became time to start a new chapter in her life, and this is no different. All of the wins and championships will not be forgotten. Heck, you can still call it the “Doak” if you want too.