FSU football: Mike Norvell hopes for summer practices

FSU football head coach Mike Norvell spoke to media during a teleconference Tuesday on a variety of topics. He’d like the opportunity to practice this summer.

FSU football was three practices into its spring schedule when they were forced to stop due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Noles has finally got into pads the final practice as they were working on installing in all three phases of the game.

The cancellation of spring practice put FSU football well behind under normal circumstances, but things are amplified even more with a new staff.

They were working to install a new offense and defense while trying to install a new work ethic in every aspect on and off the field.

Mike Norvell would like to have the opportunity to make up the time missed this spring in the summer if the pandemic is under control and things are back to a normal state.

Check out his thoughts below:

“It’s unfortunate for everybody involved that, you know, just some of the things that have happened and it’s not anybodies fault. I do believe that we should all have the same competitive advantage when it comes to the training that we’ve been allowed, and there’s some teams that have got nine or ten practices in spring ball. We got three and some teams have gotten none.

Whatever that number is I think it needs to be uniform. Because with every practice and every week that you have in spring ball you’re also working under a different guideline instead of being an eight hours you got 20 hours and so every one of those meetings, every one of the things that you could do with a football and in pads, I mean, those are critical for the development of your team.

So whatever that decision is from the NCAA I just want it to be where it allows everybody the same amount of time.  I would hate to see somebody be at a competitive disadvantage because of something that was totally outside of anyone’s control.  If we are allowed to do some things in the summer, I mean it’s going to look different than what it would have, you know, doing it in the spring, because you’re that much closer to the season.


Mike Norvell makes a fair point in terms of keeping things uniform across the board. I can assure you FSU would greatly benefit from having 12 more practices before the season begins compared to if they are not allowed to do so.

The players would have had the benefit of experiencing 15 practices with time to work on continuing to study the implementations own this summer before the pandemic came.

Now if they are granted summer practices, it’s getting through 12 practices during times that are normally be fall camp.

It’s critical because it decreases the margin of error even more for a new staff trying to implement new things while also trying to recruit new players at a high level.

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