FSU football: How no spring practice affects QB competition

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fsu football

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FSU football has a question at quarterback, and spring practice would have gone a long way into answering that question. No spring practice levels things.

One of the biggest questions for FSU football the past couple of years has been at the quarterback position.

Ironically, the 2020 season is going to be no different because of a new coaching staff and new offense to install.

The only added problem is spring activities being canceled due to the coronavirus. Spring camp did get underway with three of the 15 scheduled practices taking place before things got shut down.

There wasn’t enough to glean much from as the players only had one day in pads. Which means the same questions we had going into spring practice will be present whenever this pandemic is under control.

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Spring practice being canceled is huge as it takes away valuable time for players and coaches to learn.

The quarterbacks are trying to learn the offense, and coaches are trying to evaluate what each player can grasp and execute.

The stoppage of spring practice means the quarterbacks, and the installation of the offense is going to well behind regular schedule.

This means the playing field has been leveled for all the quarterbacks.

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