FSU football: Fans react to Tamorrion Terry physical transformation

FSU football has one of the nation’s best wide receivers on its roster. Tamorrion Terry continues to develop his physical attributes.

FSU football received huge news with redshirt junior Tamorrion Terry announced he would return for his junior season in Tallahassee.

Terry could have left and likely been drafted by an NFL team after proving to be one of the most explosive wide receivers in college football the past two years.

What makes it even more amazing is Terry was able to be consistent on a college offense with mediocre QB play while being the only huge threat to opposing secondaries.

Terry stated he had a lot to work on in his message to Nole fans when announcing he was returning his junior year. He tweeted a picture Sunday that showed he’s taking things seriously.

A lot of people chuckled when Terry mentioned he has put on over 10 pounds of muscle in just a few weeks. It’s not possible in terms of packing on pure muscle in such a short amount of time. However, Terry does look bigger and more defined in the pictures posted.

The weight gain was likely some muscle gains with added water weight that can fluctuate daily. It’s why he mentioned he lost a lot of weight when sick in a recent interview and gained the weight back fairly quickly.

Fans seem to be excited about the picture.

Fan Reaction


One of the biggest concerns was strength and conditioning for the roster Coach Storms inherited. Terry was never a guy that lacked physicality, but it’s great to see he’s willing to continue working on those attributes.

However, you’ll note that the photo was taken on March 6th, just days before spring activities were canceled. The more pertinent question is what will Terry look like when things return to normal?

Will he be able to keep the gains, or will he get complacent being away from the program during this shutdown due to the coronavirus?

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That the question for Terry and all the players during this shutdown. Hopefully, we’ll get to find out sooner than later.

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