FSU basketball: Fans react to NCAA Tournament being canceled

FSU basketball had shot at gaining its highest seed in the NCAA Tournament after winning the ACC regular-season championship.

No. 4 FSU basketball (26-5, 16-4 ACC) probably feels like they’ve been robbed of a prime opportunity. Seniors like Trent Forrest will never be seen rocking the garnet and gold again.

Their chance to win the ACC Tournament, and possibly gain a No. 1 seed for the first time was taken away. It feels like everything was taken away, and FSU fans probably feel even worse as they have nothing to cheer for in the coming months.

However, the NCAA Tournament being canceled is huge, because FSU basketball had a legit shot at making a run at its first national title.

They were four wins away from surpassing the most wins in a single season and needed just three wins to score its second ACC Tournament title.

It’s been a big blow for everyone dealing with the COVID-19 issue. However, fans were not happy the NCAA Tournament was canceled.

Fan Reaction


I can’t recall anything like this in my 41 years on this earth. I do understand why they are taking the measures to prevent the spread of the virus, however, I do think it’s a bit drastic to cancel the entire tournament. Why not a delay for a month or two?

We’re talking people not being able to work because of the tournament being canceled. Those college players in the final season will never get to finish out their college careers. The 2020 year will a huge WHAT IF for FSU basketball.

It’s their luck they have the season they had and not get a chance to see what would have happened on the biggest stage.

That doesn’t take away from what his team accomplished. The did win the ACC regular-season title for the first time and it’s in the history books now!

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The only problem now is what are we going to watch for the next few months when it comes to sports?

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