FSU football: 3 reasons Mike Norvell’s recruiting message can work

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FSU football is in a spot where it can take advantage of having a new coaching staff. Three reasons why Mike Norvell’s recruiting message can work.

FSU football is in a much better spot now because of the FSU’s administration’s decision to move on from Willie Taggart when they did.

If Mike Norvell falls flat on his face the next two years, FSU football would have at least had a shot of climbing up from the depths from which it was submerged from 2017-19.

That wasn’t going to happen under the old regime. It was like if you have a car that needs to pass inspection and the check engine light is on right?

It seemed as though if they would have fixed the problem for the light to go off another problem was right behind it for the light to come back on.

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Thus, they were never going to pass inspection.

The Mike Norvell hire has cleared all those check engine light codes and it’s time for him to drive this special piece of machinery known as FSU football.

He’s been driving for right at two months and the check engine light hasn’t come on yet. The new car smell is back and he’s getting great gas mileage on the new tires that were installed.

He’s already landed commitments from two impact players on both sides of the ball in quarterback Luke Altmyer and Branden Jennings. The recruiting message is simple, come be a part of something great and help get FSU football back among the elites.

Here are three reasons why that message can work.

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