FSU football: Did the ACC throw shade at the Noles on social media?

FSU football went on one of the best runs in college football history from 2012-14. For some reason folk don’t want to acknowledge the greatest.

Listen, I get it. FSU football has been downright awful the past three years, going 18-20 over the same time span.

Clemson has gone 69-5 over the last five years and won two national championships and lost in two other title games. We get it, Clemson is at the top of the conference and it hasn’t been close.

However, let’s not act like the FSU football team didn’t go on one of the most epic runs in college football history.

The Noles went 12-2, 14-0 and 14-1 from 2012-2014, winning a national title and making the inaugural college football playoff the following year as an undefeated team.

They won 29 straight games, the same amount Clemson equaled with its win over Ohio State in the college football playoff a couple of weeks back.

So why in the world would the ACC Conference Twitter handle tweet this tweet below?


You’re right ACC!  The standard has BEEN set by Florida State years ago. All Clemson did was equal the same number of consecutive wins by the Noles.

I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if the ACC went all out for the Noles when they were on top of the conference like they have done for Clemson.

The Noles never saw anything like this being promoted by the conference at the time. In fact, it felt like they were deliberately trying to avoid celebrating how great the Noles were from 2012-14.

I wrote about Dabo Swinney finding ways to motivate his team to perform at their best. Here’s to hoping Mike Norvell can channel some of that and get these players to work to get the Noles back to where they are supposed to be.

I’m tired of the disrespect!

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