FSU Football: Nole fans react to Jimbo Fisher’s bowl win over NC State

FSU football fans still dislike Jimbo Fisher a ton with how he left the program in disarray. Check out their reaction Monday night when he beat NC State.

FSU football didn’t make a bowl game in 2018 after going 5-7 with a lot of blowout losses. The first time in 36 years and first losing season in over 40 years.

The coach a lot of FSU fans place blame on aside from the current staff is former coach Jimbo Fisher who left in November 2017 to become head coach at Texas A&M.

One of the biggest reasons FSU fans dislike him is they believe he actually left well before November and there’s evidence to support that thought.

Fisher led Texas A&M to nine wins in 2018, including a blowout win over NC State in the Taxslayer Gator Bowl Monday night.

Of course NC State is a team FSU fans have a lot of disdain for, especially the 2012 win over FSU that many blame Fisher for blowing a 16 point halftime lead.

Check out how fans reacted to Fisher’s win over NC State.

Twitter Reaction


As you can see there’s no love lost for Jimbo Fisher from almost all FSU football fans. Look, I can’t blame the man for grabbing that 75 million dollar bag.

However, the biggest thing I dislike about him is failing to continue to do his job on the recruiting trail. He stopped recruiting for FSU over a month before he officially left and that’s one of the biggest reasons FSU fans dislike him.

It’s also a huge reason why Willie Taggart’s first recruiting class wasn’t as good as it could have been despite him miraculously finishing with the No. 11 class in 2018.

It’s why there was less than an ideal number of QB’s on the roster in 2018, and let’s not talk about Jimbo’s terrible management of offensive line recruiting.

It was a good win for Jimbo Fisher, but it’s not like NC State was some juggernaut as they lost to Wake Forest this year at home.

I don’t think FSU football fans will ever be satisfied until FSU can get matched up with Texas A&M with a shot to give him a loss.