FSU Women's Basketball Lands Class of 2025 guard Mari Gerton

Florida State v Syracuse
Florida State v Syracuse / Lance King/GettyImages

Brooke Wyckoff and her coaching staff never have a day off. Even during the offseason, the team is constantly scouting talent and figuring out which prospects could become a Florida State Seminole. Last week, the team struck gold as they got a commitment from Class of 2025 high school guard Mari Gerton from Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

People are probably asking how does this information help us now? I understand that Mari Gerton will not be eligible to play for the Seminoles this upcoming season. However, there’s nothing wrong with preparing ahead. There’s a reason why Coach Wyckoff recruited Gerton to Tallahassee. The young prospect had a gifted talent that a program like Florida State couldn’t pass up. 

Mari Gerton is a special talent. As a guard, she has tangibles that many at her position don’t have. Gerton is a natural-born leader and the reason behind that is because of the energy she plays with. You can’t teach a player to play with passion or to do little things that can help the team win. Gerton does many little plays that may not show up on the box score but in the end, help her team come out on top. 

As an offensive scorer, Gerton is elite at all three levels. However, what makes her special is how she doesn’t settle for bad shots. Gerton is always looking to make a play and put her team in a position for a good offensive possession. She knows how to navigate through screens both with and without the basketball. As a ball-handler, Gerton is great at scoring in the mid-range while also attacking driving lanes to score inside. Without the ball, Gerton’s movement is spectacular as she’s quick to get to her spots and elevate off catch and shoots. 

Defensively, Mari Gerton brings the energy. Being a great defender is something she takes pride in. There’s nothing like shutting down the offensive player and limiting them on the floor. Gerton is an active defender who is great with her hands. She understands timing on when to strip the ball from ball handlers and when to intercept passing lanes. Her ability to force turnovers leads to easy opportunities on offense for her team. 

According to Greater Miami Conference, Gerton averaged 21.6 points per game along with 3.1 assists and three steals. She had 12 games where she recorded three or more steals as well as 14 games where she scored 20+ points. The numbers from this past season showed that Gerton can impact the game in multiple ways. When she’s able to set the tone on both ends, it gives her team a greater chance of winning. 

The goal heading into Mari Gerton’s senior season is to continue to grow as a player, leader, etc. The transition from high school to college is not an easy adjustment. However, Gerton has a year to prepare as she’s already committed to Florida State. Gerton could be the guard for the future with the Seminoles. She has the heart and tenacity that describes what being a Nole is all about.

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