FSU Women's Basketball: Could Sara Bejedi be Drafted into the WNBA?

Florida State v NC State
Florida State v NC State / Lance King/GettyImages

After an amazing 2023-24 season, Florida State fans were sad to see Sara Bejedi’s career come to an end. This is an athlete who bled garnet and gold and gave everything to the program in the four seasons she played. Fans may not get to see Bejedi in a Florida State uniform again but can continue to support her through her basketball journey. 

The 2024 WNBA Draft is underway and it features a multitude of talented players. The ones that stand out are Caitlin Clark, Rickea Jackson, Angel Reese, Cameron Brink, and so many others. Guess who’s name has also entered this year’s WNBA Draft? Sara Bejedi. The guard has decided to take her journey to the next level where she could thrive as a professional basketball player. 

Florida State fans understand the value that Sara Bejedi provides on both ends of the floor. She has a tremendous amount of passion for the game and always plays to win. Off the court, Bejedi can be a sweet soul and your best friend. However, once she steps on the court. There are no friends and she looks to dethrone you if you’re on the other side of the court. 

Throughout her college career, Bejedi has continued to take strides on the defensive end. She doesn’t shy away from any challenge and her goal is to take the opposing team out of rhythm. Bejedi can pick up a ball-handler 94 feet, fight through screens, and display her active hands to force turnovers. Bejedi’s defense played a huge role in why Florida State continued to be a top contender in the ACC as well as be eligible for the NCAA Tournament. 

The WNBA is where defense is valued. Players and teams take pride on that end of the floor and their goal is to always get a stop. “Defense is so important in the W” Los Angeles Sparks guard Lexie Brown stated. That means that the WNBA is made for a guard like Sara Bejedi. A player who brings passion and tenacity is always welcomed on a team. 

The question is where would Sara Bejedi land in the WNBA Draft? Is she a first-round pick? Second round? Who will be the team that takes a chance on the 23-year-old phenomenon? If you look at several experts’ Draft Boards, Bejedi isn’t on anyone’s list. However, there are a few teams that could utilize her as a terrific role player in their second unit. 

If a WNBA team takes a chance on Sara Bejedi, they won’t be disappointed. She makes the most of her opportunities and never lets a team down. Sure, she’ll run into rookie walls and have struggles trying to adjust. However, Bejedi has a bounce-back mentality that allows her to be optimistic and continue to improve in her journey.

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