FSU softball: Major takeaways from Shriners Children's Clearwater Invitational

2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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FSU softball (5-3) went 1-2 in the Shriners Children's Clearwater Invitational this week (with one rainout). It was a tournament with several top-ranked teams early in the season. Historically, it's a tournament that gives Coach Lonni Alameda valuable insight into her team and prepares them for tough games in the ACC and the postseason. This year was no different. FSU had some questions answered, but a couple of major questions remain. Here are some major takeaways:

FSU offense will give most teams problems  

FSU went 1-2, but it wasn't because of not scoring runs. FSU scored 10 runs in each of the two losses in the tournament and defeated one of the top pitchers in the nation from Stanford. They are hitting for power, walk more than they strikeout, and have 19 of 20 stolen bases. They have a .371 batting average and a .458 on-base percentage. What's impressive is, they are doing this with Kaley Mudge only starting in half of the games.  

Typically, 10 runs should be enough to win games against anyone. FSU pitching has struggled much more than I anticipated, mostly because pitchers they were counting on have not been close to what anyone thought. However, I wonder if the lack of success will motivate the offense to step their game up another notch, similar to the FSU football defense when Jordan Travis went down for the year. If they know the FSU pitchers will likely give up 5+ runs each game, they might continue to score at a torrid pace. I hope they don't begin to allow that mentality to form pressure if the pitcher's never find their form.