FSU softball: 3 major takeaways from Dugout Club Classic

2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Softball Championship / Ian Maule/GettyImages
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FSU Pitching Looks Improved

Allison Royalty was the only reliable arm Coach Alameda could rely on before the Dugout Club Classic. She continues to look improved and more consistent compared to last year. She pitched 9.2 innings, allowing two walks, five hits, one earned run and nine strikeouts. Makenna Reid and Ashtyn Danley were the two major pitchers FSU needed to see progression with to reach the next level. Reid pitched 11.3 innings, allowing two walks, nine hits, five earned runs, and eight strikeouts.

She got barreled up too much to my liking and isn't striking out hitters at nearly the same rate. Nearly all her earned runs came from two home runs allowed to one specific Nicholls batter. However, she cut down her walks considerably and threw strikes more consistently. Danley pitched nine innings, allowing one walk, four hits, one earned run and five strikeouts. Mimi Gooden continues to look solid. She pitched 5.1 innings, allowing one walk, one hit, zero earned runs, and two strikeouts.


A trio of arms between Royalty, Reid, and Danley has potential to emerge as the season progresses, with Mimi Gooden capable of eating up innings in mid-week games and when needed in ACC play. If they can continue to progress and the offense remains potent? There's no reason this team can't win the ACC and do some damage in the postseason.

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