FSU's Warrick Dunn into CFB Hall of Fame: 4 reasons he is cherished as a Seminole

With this being way overdue, FSU legend Warrick Dunn is finally getting inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame! A much well-deserved accomplishment one of the Seminoles' most beloved players!
Warrick Dunn
Warrick Dunn / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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4. Winning Mentality

Warrick Dunn was a true winner on and off the field. He did whatever it took to win games by always playing high-caliber football. His hard work and constant desire to improve made him one of the most valuable players FSU has ever had. The upgrade in each season at FSU was evident. Per Sports Reference, most of his stats increased each season as a result of his improvement each season in his college career.

That winning mentality transferred to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons. Dunn had a very prosperous professional career with 12 seasons in the NFL, a very long career. When it comes to football success stories, Warrick Dunn's is one of the most inspiring because of his winning mentality. A winning mentality comes a long way in sports and life in general.

3. Stayed at FSU the Entire Four Seasons

With Warrick Dunn's next level performance, he could have easily declared for the NFL Draft after his sophomore or junior year. Instead, he chose to complete his college football career. Of course, if he were to have declared for the Draft earlier, Nole Nation would have respected his decision. But it was commendable that he decided to stick with the Noles for the entire four seasons. Huge props to him for doing so!