FSU football: Will 2023 on field success parlay into elite 2025 recruiting?

Miami v Florida State
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2025 Recruiting

The blue-chip ratio improved from 47 percent in 2021, 35 percent in 2022, 53 percent in 2023, to 70 percent in 2024. FSU also got a higher-caliber blue-chip player in 2024 than previous years. The 2024 recruiting class has the benefit of watching "The Climb" of FSU under Mike Norvell. However, that recruiting cycle was 75 percent complete before FSU played their first game in 2023, which meant players only had one year of FSU success on the field to go off of. Were they a flash in the pan one-year wonder? Could Mike Norvell sustain that success?

The 2025 recruits have that answer now that they witnessed FSU going 13-0 and winning the ACC for the first time since 2016. The other dynamic is the coaching staff has been recruiting these 2025 players for years. Most of their offers went out 2-3 years ago, and the staff has gotten many of them on campus several times. Those relationships have been built, and it's why we've seen a higher-caliber player on campus for the FSU "Junior Days" in January and February of this year.