FSU football: Why are other ACC fanbases lashing out at FSU for wanting to leave?

Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

The hate FSU football receives from other mediocre programs not serious about competing for championships is unreal. I don't understand why these people can't understand the position FSU is in under this contract. I could use a gazillion real-world examples. For instance, if you agree to be in a group of 10 people and only you and one other person in the group do all of the work, shouldn't you and that person receive the credit? How about professional athletes who sign contracts for a certain amount of money and outperform those contracts? Don't we see them cut that contract up and create a new one that pays them what they're worth? It happens all the time. FSU can't help these other programs that aren't serious about playing big-boy football, and it's ridiculous to think someone like Wake Forest or Boston College should receive the same amount of money that FSU receives when they don't contribute a thing. FSU had more people watching their BOT meeting on YouTube than people who watched some of Wake Forest's games this year.

So why the hate? OH! I know why. It's because the conference, will be no more once FSU leaves. They will no longer ride the coattails of one of the biggest and best brands in college football. Not only that, but in all sports. FSU dominates in several non-revenue sports to. They've won or competed for national titles in softball, volleyball, and soccer(won it this year), in the past five years. The ACC is perceived as a second-rate conference already, but if FSU leaves, that solidifies everything because Clemson and North Carolina will look to follow suit. That decreases what little value is left among the teams in the conference, and no network will continue to pay or increase what they've been getting when it's time to negotiate a new deal.

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