FSU football: Why 2024 spring has been best first month of any offseason in Mike Norvell's career

Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Florida State
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Coaching Continuity

Many FSU fans mumbled under their breath when the news broke that all FSU coaches signed three-year extensions. It was a staff that went 13-0 in the regular season! The benefits of keeping the staff intact far outweighed making any changes because some fans were not happy because recruiting sites said FSU didn't have a top 10 high school class. However, that's without knowing the actual recruiting strategies/plans for each position. I'm sure Mike Norvell wouldn't have had a guy sign a three-year extension unless they were on the same page. All the coaches have been with FSU when they were near rock bottom, except Patrick Surtain.

I say that because keeping the coaching staff intact makes it easier to communicate the FSU standard to the new players. They also have the relationships with the veteran players, and know the best way to keep accountablity in check. The trust is there from Mike Norvell to the graduate assistants because of this continuity. It's also year four for most of these coaches, so they should be able to run everything in their sleep because of the familiarity. Of course complacency could set in by retaining coaches, but Mike Norvell doesn't strike me as someone that would fail to hold guys accountable.