FSU football: Transfer Portal Tracker Post 2024 Spring

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FSU football has put a bow on spring camp with its Seminole Showcase over the weekend. The coaching staff looks to transition to summer workouts as they devise development plans for individual players. Those plans get communicated when the staff conducts exit interviews, and some of those interviews likely include information about some players who likely won't have a large role on the team in the future. That conversation usually prompts those guys to enter the transfer portal. Players entering the portal will help FSU get to the 85 scholarship mark before the season and also provide an opportunity to acquire players who will have roles on the team in the future. It's what we call trimming the fat on the roster. FSU has seen a couple of guys enter the transfer portal in recent weeks. Below, we'll track all the guys who entered the transfer portal and the guys who joined the FSU roster from the transfer portal. We touched on the biggest positional needs from the transfer portal after the Seminole Showcase here.   

Transfer Portal Entries Post Spring Camp

Joshua Burrell

Greedy Vance-Committed to USC(Southern California)

Transfer Portal Additions Post Spring Camp

Waiting For The First Entry!

Some FSU fans don't like to see players leave the program, but it's a new era in college football. The coaching staff has to maximize each scholarship they have with the best available talent. Sometimes, guys get hurt, and their talent diminishes or never develops. Some guys never adapt to the workload or struggle to grasp schematic concepts, and others get recruited over. No coaching staff has a 100 percent hit rate, but this FSU staff places a premium on players with good character and willingness to work. It's why they've had so much success with players from the transfer portal. Their track record speaks for itself, and now they have the on-field success and multiple players getting drafted in the coming days. They should have access to quality talent at positions they wish to address.

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