FSU football: Top five most celebrated wins in 2023 season

Despite everything Florida State has endured this season, there is plenty to celebrate!
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages
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1. LSU

The rematch between FSU and LSU was must-see for all college football fans. No. 8 ranked Florida State was determined to set the tone for the season by knocking off no. 5 LSU. This prime-time battle between these two juggernaut programs was one for the ages with a showdown between two of the biggest elite college quarterbacks of 2023, FSU's Jordan Travis and LSU's Jayden Daniels.

A back-and-forth shootout between these two offenses made up the first half as expected. Both Jordan Travis and Jayden Daniels played outstanding football. Though both quarterbacks seemed evenly matched by the end of the first half, that was all about to change with Florida State being down 17-14.

Jordan Travis proved his superiority over Heisman winner Jayden Daniels in the second half. By leading his team to put the Noles up 45-24, Travis was easily the player of the game with 23/31 attempts, 342 yards, 5 touchdowns (4 pass, 1 rush), and only 1 interception. A fantastic way to open up the season!

Defense also did their part to tame the Tigers to only 24 points. Considering how explosive LSU's offense can be, it was a job well done for the Seminoles defense. From that game on, the entire college football world knew that the Noles defense was nothing to play around with.

Beating a top-tier program like LSU twice in a row will forever be one of FSU's greatest moments. This year's win over them was special. By earning this massive victory early in the season, the Seminoles proved that this team at full strength could contend with any team in the nation.

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