FSU football: Top five most celebrated wins in 2023 season

Despite everything Florida State has endured this season, there is plenty to celebrate!
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State
2023 ACC Championship - Louisville v Florida State / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages
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4. Miami

Everyone always anticipates the rivalry game between Florida State and Miami. As with any rivalry, emotions run high between these two teams, and this one is no different. Many expected the Seminoles to blow the Hurricanes out of the water. That wasn't the case in this one.

Florida State's offense struck quickly, putting the Noles up 10-0. Unfortunately, the defense slipped up a bit towards the end, allowing the Canes to tie the game at 10 by halftime. Too much complacency allowed Miami to stay in it. The Noles needed to be more productive in the second half to get the win over their rivals.

Things looked somewhat better in the second half with the Seminoles offense scoring two more touchdowns and a field goal to increase the lead. Of course, Miami's woes came into play with a fumble and an interception which helped FSU tremendously.

Being down 27-20, the Canes had one final attempt to tie or win the game. Determined to pull off the upset, they forgot one very important obstacle standing in their way, the Noles smash mouth defense. Florida State's defense came in clutch at the perfect moment with excellent pass coverage and the game-ending interception by Jarrian Jones. At that moment, Miami knew they were finished. Nothing like seeing Miami fans silenced after their constant trash talking in and out of season!