FSU football: Thoughts on linebacker recruiting for 2024 season

Patience my good peoples!
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Stop Begging Every Portal Entry

Some FSU football fans have a bad habit of tagging FSU coaches when a new linebacker enters the transfer portal. Guys, don't do that. The coaching staff know guys will hit the portal well before it's posted on social media. Also, every linebacker doesn't fit what the coaching staff wants. I've seen fans tag linebackers listed at 240+ pounds. Remember, DJ Lundy had to lose weight when he arrived at FSU to better cover pass plays in space. It also depends on what scheme the linebacker played in at his previous stop.

FSU brought in a guy who was productive at Syracuse but played in a 3-3-5 stack, which is different from what FSU will use. They didn't think it was the right fit and decided to pass on the player who ultimately committed to Nebraska. Also, just because a guy from Alabama enters the portal doesn't mean he's an automatic take. If he doesn't have much production or experience, that's a huge gamble on an important position. They already have bodies, but those bodies don't have a ton of experience. The coaches know what they are doing, I promise you.