FSU football: The Michigan double standard is absurd

Aaron J. Thornton/GettyImages

FSU football fans watched the College Football Playoffs and the National Title game and probably got more upset with each passing second knowing they could have beaten any of those teams. The "reason" the College Football Playoff Committee snubbed FSU was because they didn't have their starting quarterback. That's not the real reason, but play along. The irony was the quarterbacks in the Semifinals, and the National Title game played no better than FSU's backup quarterback would have. Check out these whopping stat lines:

-JJ McCarthy-10 of 18 for 140 yards and no touchdowns (Title game)
-Michael Penix-27 of 51 for 255 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions (Title game)
-JJ McCarthy-17 of 27 for 221 yards and 3 touchdowns (Semifinal game)
-Jalen Milrose-16 of 23 for 116 yards, 21 rushes for 63 yards, and got sacked six times (Semifinal game)
-Quinn Ewers-Didn't have 100 passing yards five minutes into the fourth quarter (Semifinal game)

So not only was their reasoning for leaving an undefeated FSU football team out of the playoffs absurd, but the double standards for Michigan were as well. Had FSU lost to TCU in the 2022 Semifinals as a huge betting favorite, they wouldn't have gotten a No. 2 ranking in the 2023 preseason. Had FSU played no ranked teams for the first nine weeks of their schedule, they would have gotten dropped in the rankings because they played a weak schedule. Had FSU gotten caught cheating like Michigan, they would have been penalized well beforehand and not allowed to compete for a National Title. I mean, FSU didn't cheat, played ranked teams, went undefeated, and still didn't get the opportunity to compete for a National Title. Yes, Michigan beat an Alabama team that needed a miracle to beat a mediocre Auburn team. Yes, Michigan beat a Washington team that went life and death with the likes of Stanford, Arizona State, and Washington State. The fact they played such a weak schedule in the first nine weeks protected their depth in their two-game regular season schedule with Ohio State and Penn State. Why didn't the media talk about any of this all season? Instead, we get corny stuff like this from the talking heads:

I'm assuming he's calling Michigan a player led team because the head coach had to miss several games because they got caught cheating. Maybe they decided to give Michigan a pass since they hadn't won anything since 1997? Who knows, but there should definitely be an asterisk beside this one.

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