FSU football: Position Grades of the 2024 Early Signing Class

Florida State Head Football Coach Weekly Press Conference
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Defensive Line

DD Holmes. DE. A-. DE. 4 Star

DT. A-. DE. 3 Star. D'Nas White

B. DT. 3 Star. Jamorie Flagg. DT

Not top tier talent here but again I believe a solid group that could develop at FSU. Holmes has size and a long reach to possibly be a defensive end but if he gains size while at FSU he will most likely move down to DT. I am intrigued by D'Nas White and think he develops into a solid player. Flagg is a good player who played for a good HS program and will be a good depth player.


3 Star. Jayden Parrish. LB. B. LB

LB. B. LB. 3 Star. Timir Hickman-Collins

This group is more of depth pieces who could be sleepers and turn into playmakers. Hickman-Collins reminds me a little of Kalen Deloach with his speed. Parrish is a pure tackler and will be a middle linebacker type of player.