FSU football: NFL Combine invitations prove staff evaluations and development top-tier

North Alabama v Florida State
North Alabama v Florida State / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

FSU football rival fans often try to cite player development as an area FSU coaches struggle because they use the transfer portal better than any other program. I didn't know transfer portal players were maxed out on their development when they entered the transfer portal. News flash, most are not, especially those FSU added over the past couple of years. It's why FSU having more players than any other ACC program invited to the 2024 NFL Combine is crazy impressive. The Noles have 12 guys invited to the NFL Combine:

  • Jordan Travis (5 years)
  • Travis Benson (2 years)
  • Johnny Wilson (2 years)
  • Keon Coleman (1 year)
  • Braden Fiske (1 year)
  • Fabien Lovett (4 years)
  • Kalen DeLoach (5 years)
  • Tatum Bethune (2 years)
  • Jarrian Jones (4 years)
  • Renardo Green (5 years)
  • Jaheim Bell (1 year)
  • Jared Verse (2 years)

The number of years they played at FSU is in parenthesis. Notice three of the 12 were at FSU for one season, and everyone else was at FSU multiple years and saw their draft stock increase. I'd argue Jaheim Bell and Keon Coleman were the only two who probably saw minimal changes in their stock. Jordan Travis, Johnny Wilson, Trey Benson, Jarrian Jones, Renardo Green, and Jared Verse went into the 2022 season as virtually unproven or with question marks. Kalen DeLoach saw drastic improvements from 2020-2023. FSU folks would have laughed in 2021 if you said Jordan Travis had the potential to get drafted in a couple of years.

Tatum Bethune battled injuries at FSU and still had productive seasons. Braden Fiske improved his draft stock tremendously by completing his final season at FSU instead of Western Michigan. The folks who say transfer players can't develop further have no idea what they're talking about. I think it's hate because they don't have this amount of players getting NFL Combine invites. These players had to get evaluated for their physical talent and mental makeup. These players had to get developed because most had little to no production before arriving at FSU(or arrived out of high school. Mike Norvell and the coaching staff are elite at player evaluations and player development. This 2024 NFL Draft will go a long way in proving this sentiment.

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