FSU football: Is it time for Seminole fans to worry about the linebacker position?

The Florida State Seminoles are considered a bit thin at the linebacker position. Should fans be worried?
Florida State v Miami
Florida State v Miami / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

FSU football fans have discussed the need to address the quarterback position after the Seminoles finished the ACC Championship Game versus Louisville.

This comes with valid reasoning after the College Football Playoff committee snubbed the Seminoles' opportunity to win a championship because of their "inability" to look as good offensively with their backup signal callers and the fact that redshirt senior quarterback Jordan Travis will no longer be in garnet and gold after this season.

However, most fans often forget that the linebacker position could be even more vital to address for this coaching staff. The Seminoles were able to witness solid play from the starters Kalen DeLoach, Tatum Bethune, and DJ Lundy.

Unfortunately, DeLoach and Bethune will exceed their eligibilities after the Orange Bowl versus Georgia, and Lundy is currently listed in the transfer portal. While I understand that the linebacker position is not as important as obtaining a superstar quarterback, it is concerning that all three starters at linebacker will likely not be on the team in 2024.

Florida State typically likes to run a 4-2-5 defensive scheme under the guidance of defensive coordinator Adam Fuller. However, there were instances during the season where the Seminoles ran a 4-3 defense so that they could be more effective in trying to stop the run.

While I am a huge fan of players such as Blake Nichelson, Omar Graham Jr., Justin Cryer, DeMarco Ward, Jayden Parrish, and Timir Hickman-Collins, none of them have had significant collegiate experience.

Most of the top transfer options for the position have committed to other schools such as Jamon Dumas-Johnson (Kentucky), Chris Paul Jr. (Ole Miss), and Xavian Sorey (Arkansas). However, that does not mean that the Seminoles cannot be able to acquire transfers in the spring or even have players enter the transfer portal in the next weeks.

Overall, I believe in linebackers coach Randy Shannon's ability to develop the players at his position but the Seminoles will have to find a way to secure depth for the room.

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