FSU football: 5 players who could become leaders in 2024

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DJ Uiagalelei-QB

DJU was arguably the most important acquisition this offseason. FSU lost a guy in Jordan Travis, the unquestioned team leader. When he got hurt against North Alabama last year to end his FSU career, all FSU fans hurt for him. It'll be difficult to replace him, but it's one of the main reasons FSU coaches like DJ Uiagalelei. He's a talented guy with a lot of wins and experience. He's durable and hurt opposing defenses in different ways, similar to Jordan Travis, but different. Most importantly, FSU chose FSU as much as FSU chose him.

That was a major difference between Uiagalelei and the other option, Cam Ward. Uiagalelei wants to help FSU win, and the other was clearly about improving his draft stock. There's nothing wrong with the latter, but I wonder how that mindset would affect the team if he's not having the success he thinks he needs to have. Uiagalelei is someone who's overcome adversity and shown improvements when others thought he was a finished product. He's played in big-time games and has experience in the ACC. All those qualities should help maintain the high standards set by Jordan Travis.