FSU football: 5 players who could become leaders in 2024

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Lawrance Toafili-RB

Lawrance Toafili is someone similar to Darius Washington, who's seen it all coming in during Mike Norvell's 2020 transition class. Toafili has over 1,000 career rushing yards and 500 receiving yards. He's been a part of some memorable plays the past three seasons, and a guy that can do damage from different areas. He's not the most physically imposing guy, but plays bigger than his stature and is incredibly tough.

His performance in the ACC Championship game when Trey Benson got banged up resulted in the ACC Championship MVP. He's the most experienced running back returning for the Noles and will play a vital role in helping young players learn the offense and helping transfer Roydell Williams get acclimated to Mike Norvell's offense.