FSU football: 5 narratives Mike Norvell destroyed in 2023

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FSU Can't Overtake Clemson

All FSU football fans heard during the preseason when FSU voiced their displeasure with the ACC was Clemson runs the conference. Clemson's the most valuable program, blah, blah, blah. FSU went to Death Valley, and defeated the Clemson Tigers and won the ACC Championship. The fact of the matter is, that Clemson was barely getting past a less talented FSU football team the past two seasons. FSU had the lead on the road late in the game in 2021 before a favorable referee call helped put Clemson (where have we seen that before).

The result was a 10-point loss, but it was really three as Clemson scored at the end of the game as FSU was trying some trickery. Clemson only beat FSU by six points in 2022, but it was more FSU failing to capitalize in key situations than anything else. This season, FSU was down 10 points and came from behind to win the game in overtime. They finally got over the hump, and now that talent gap isn't near what it was a few years ago. The days of Clemson running roughshod are over.