FSU football: 5 narratives Mike Norvell destroyed in 2023

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FSU Doesn't Develop High School Players

This narrative is nonsense from Miami folks who don't understand the new era of recruiting. Ironically, they have taken more players from the transfer portal since the 2023 season ended than FSU. Go figure. The Miami staff had their media guys pushing the narrative FSU coaches don't develop high school players and recruit transfer players to play over them. That's hilarous when you look at the number of players that didn't come from the transfer portal, who played significant snaps in 2023. Lawrance Toafili, Kalen DeLoach, Renardo Green, Shyheim Brown, Akeem Dent, Joshua Farmer, Malcolm Ray, AZ Thomas, Darius Washington, Maurice Smith, Byron Turner, Patrick Payton, and others before they got hurt were taking meaninful snaps.

I'm talking games against real competition, not against non-P5 programs early in the season and then never seeing the field when the real games start(coughs, Miami). However, who's to say transfer players can't get developed? Jared Verse is a better player than when he first got to FSU. Jarrian Jones, Braden Fiske, Jordan Travis, Trey Benson, Johnny Wilson, and nearly all will hear their names called during the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Most of those listed couldn't have a dreamed of that before coming to FSU.