FSU football: 5 narratives Mike Norvell destroyed in 2023

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Coaching Record

Mike Norvell had a 38-15 record as a head coach when he took the FSU football job. Of course, Norvell finished (8-13, 6-10 ACC) after his first two seasons at FSU. Those two years, especially year one, was heavily affected by the pandemic. The team only had three spring practices before they were sent home for the next four months, only to return and play games to finish 3-6. There was no time to implement offensive or defensive schemes, and coaches couldn't evaluate the players in person.

The players missed a valuable part of the summer with the staff's strength and conditioning program. I equate it to telling a mechanic to fix a vehicle and not telling him everything that's wrong with the vehicle and only providing half of his tools. The second year was an improvement, especially the final eight games, which leads us to where FSU is now. Mike Norvell is 28-6 since beginning the 2021 season 0-4. His overall record at FSU stands at (31-16, 19-13 ACC). The days of rival fans using his head coaching record at FSU as a joke are no more.