FSU football: 5 most valuable offensive players in 2023

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Jordan Travis

All FSU football fans understand how valuable Jordan Travis is to FSU. Mike Norvell may not have a job right now if he doesn't decide to go all-in on Jordan Travis as the starting quarterback. We must give Mike Norvell credit for making that gamble because Jordan Travis was not the Jordan Travis we knew at the time. However, his progression as a college quarterback is unlike anything I've ever seen. Travis went from an athlete running around to a quarterback who will likely get drafted in a few months.

He didn't have the same season from a year ago, especially displaying his ability to be a true dual-threat quarterback. Jordan Travis still helped lead the offense in critical situations. The second halves against LSU, Clemson, and Duke resulted in wins because Jordan Travis led the charge on offense. While the defense carried the load most of the season, especially when Jordan Travis got injured and ended his season. FSU, for sure, isn't undefeated without Jordan Travis at quarterback in 2023. It's while he's in the No. 1 spot, as most of you likely predicted.

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