FSU football: 5 most valuable offensive players in 2023

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Darius Washington

I mentioned the FSU offensive line dealt with injuries to several players. Maurice Smith, Bless Harris, and Robert Scott all missed time due to injuries. Enter Darius Washington, the Swiss Army knife of the FSU offensive line. If FSU didn't have Darius Washington capable of playing multiple positions? I don't know what they would have done. Washington lined up at center when Maurice Smith went down this season. Washington moved out the tackle position when Jeremiah Byers got abused by Clemson's defensive end and held his own.

While the offensive line wasn't perfect, and some of the mishaps this season were not their fault( running backs missing running lanes and receivers and tight ends not executing their blocks that caused tackles for a loss. The ability of Darius Washington to stay available and step in whereever needed provided some stability, and kept the group at least serviceable. If they don't have Washington, I doubt they go undefeated this season.